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Matȟó Waúŋšila Thiwáhe

Teacher / Parent Tips.

         The Project Team

The objective of the Lakota Berenstain Bears TV series is to not only entertain Lakota children of all ages, but most importantly to do so in a manner that will allow them to absorb their own language through culturally relevant storylines and characters.

As teachers and parents, we all carry the responsibility and accountability for how the Lakota children - our future - absorb their native Lakota language and use it in everyday situations. It takes a consistent and persistent family, household, and community effort. And we hope you will welcome the Lakota Berenstain Bears into your family and household settings, to help aid you with that effort.

Check back to this page often.Throughout the series, we will be posting some great tips on how to get the most out of the Lakota Berenstain Bears episodes, and how to ensure Lakota children are getting the most of the programs as well - while advancing their proficiency in the Lakota language.

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